Anita McNeil Financial Accounting and Tax Services

Anita McNeil, CPM is a professional dedicated to serving small businesses, Individuals, non-profits and candidates for political office in the areas of accounting, auditing, tax preparation, bookkeeping and campaign financial reporting.

Anita McNeil Bio:

Anita has a BS in Business/Accounting, MBA and MSL, and is an IRS registered tax practitioner.

Two years prior to relocating to Charlotte, NC , Anita built a small accounting practice in Raleigh NC, and for the past twenty-five years she has specialized in individual and business tax preparation.

Prior to owning her own business, for six years she was employed as a tax collector and tax auditor for the NC Department of Revenue and over the years has developed extensive knowledge in all Federal and State tax schedules, regulations and reporting requirements.

Fifteen years ago she decided to extend the types of accounting services offered, and begin servicing small businesses in the areas of bookkeeping, and financial accounting. As her business continued to grow, she began contracting with candidates running for various political offices, handling their campaign finance reporting, and has also conducted audits for non-profit organizations.

As a small business owner, Anita understands the issues, concerns and challenges small business owners face. She is dedicated to providing her clients with professional personalized services, and offers a broad range of financial accounting services that will make running your business much easier. Anita’s Accounting Services has a passion for delivering great customer service, and is happy to assist potential clients when they reach out to us.

We invite you to call us now at 704-909-2776 to discuss in more detail the various accounting and tax services we provide.