Auditing and Campaign Finance Reporting

Audits Reviews and Compilations Services for Non-profits and Small Businesses.

Does your business, religious organization or non-profit need an audit? If so call Anita’s Accounting Services, and let us assist you with this task. My firm offers the following types of audits:

  • General audit work in the form of financial investigations.
  • Audit reviews that will provide you with limited assurance of your financials.
  • Compilation audits that will take your businesses financial data and reconcile it into financial statements.
  • Compliance audit’s which will examine your policies and procedures to see if they are in compliance with internal practices and regulatory standards.

Federal State and Local Campaign Finance Reporting

Are you a Candidate running for a local, state-wide or congressional office? Are you in need of a Campaign Treasurer or Deputy Treasurer? If so call Anita’s Accounting Services. Since 2002, Anita has built and extensive resume, working with candidates, political action committees, and elected officials and specializes in handling political treasury work, campaign finance reporting, and regulatory compliance services required by law at all levels of government.

Our accounting firm has expertise in this field, and will work closely with clients at the state, local or federal level to ensure they comply with political financial and/or tax disclosure required by the State of North Carolina, Local and Federal political and tax regulatory authorities.

Anita’s Accounting Services will handle your campaign finances in an efficient and timely manner to include the following:

  • Bookkeeping and record keeping.
  • Preparation of campaign statements and other applicable reports.
  • Maintain records and list.
  • Write checks, deposit contribution.
  • Campaign staff payroll to include preparation of W2's and 1099's.

Our accounting firm has experience working with state board of election software, NGP-Van and Aristotle campaign manager software, and can easily learn all other software’s of the candidiate's choice.

To learn more about how Anita’s Accounting Services can give your business or campigan the extra hand you need call 704-909-2776, or request a free consultation through our website: